professional study

The professional study in Chinese Psychology is a post-graduate study. The study includes both theory and clinical practice/ clinical directed theory. The program is focused on clinical use of Chinese psychology. This is the only higher study in Chinese psychology in the World. The study is made for persons that want to practice Chinese psychology clinically. The people that complete the program (Course work and scholarly writing requirements are fulfilled) will be granted the title Sinopsychologist.

In this program actively engages the students to make them professionals. Through the classroom, practice and through the thesis we create professionals. The graduates are skilled in evaluating and preventing psychosocial problems; helping individuals, families and groups effectively; have an elevated understanding of psychosocial aspects and an applied cultural competence; Translating Chinese philosophical aspects into therapeutically tools. At the end of the study you need to complete a clinical dissertation, a qualitative or quantitative research project relevant to the study to qualify for the graduation.

Present use of this LD degree in USA (March 2015)
If you choose to the granted LD degree in USA you have to say the following when using the title: “The degree is from a foreign school that does not have accreditation recognized by the United States Department of Education and has not been approved by the Office of Degree Authorization.”


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