ChinPsy is a new concept within Psychology. The name “ChinPsy” are short for Chinese Psychology. Chinese psychology are the psychology that exist within Chinese medicine.



First some history. ChinPsy was founded in 2014 by Nils Volden to promote Chinese Psychology. In March 2015 ChinPsy expanded when it included The University of Chinese Psychology into its educational structure. The University was founded in 2012 in Mexico. In this time period all courses arranged outside Mexico was under the name the Institute of Chinese Psychology. In 2018, the name of this teaching institution changed back to ChinPsy. Since then all seminars are arranged under the name ChinPsy.

The main purpose for ChinPsy is to arrange seminars in Chinese psychology and Chinese medicine related topics.


Many might find Chinese psychology as a difficult area. The theories are quite similar to those in Chinese medicine, but often with an extra twist. You will discover the depth of the well the Chinese medicine represent. This is why you fell in love with Chinese medicine – the Chinese psychology… It might feel like it in the beginning, but it is not as bad as embracing a cactus! When the vocabulary is adjusted properly you are almost there.


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