Case analysis

This is an example of a case analysis.

“Welcome to my collection of case analyses, which I have put together to help you understand the principles of Chinese medicine and Chinese psychology. I hope you find them enjoyable and informative, and please feel free to check back for more updates.”

Nils Volden


Advanced Case analysis

Short Case Analysis

Short Case Analysis # 2

3 thoughts on “Case analysis

    1. I will try to spam the world with a lot of Chinese medicine information in ENGLISH from now on. I hope you find it interesting Stefan. Hen Hao! 😉 All the best Nils


  1. Great!! I am looking forward to it. Just bought a 36 DVD course by Heiner Fruehauf giving lectures about the Basics, I want to review everything an prepare for the next (hopefully) decades. Did other therapies like Neurolink from New Zealand and Osteopathy a lot, both great but physically demanding, so I try to get back to focus more on TCM again. Will read today all your articles, didn`
    t find time so far. All best and greetings from Germany!Stefan


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