Case analysis

This is an example of a caseanalysis

“Enjoy my short collection of different case analysis. I made them for you and to make you understand this way of thinking Chinese medicine and Chinese psychology. Come back for more case analysis.”

Nils Volden


Advanced Case analysis

Short Case Analysis

Short Case Analysis # 2

3 thoughts on “Case analysis

    1. I will try to spam the world with a lot of Chinese medicine information in ENGLISH from now on. I hope you find it interesting Stefan. Hen Hao! 😉 All the best Nils


  1. Great!! I am looking forward to it. Just bought a 36 DVD course by Heiner Fruehauf giving lectures about the Basics, I want to review everything an prepare for the next (hopefully) decades. Did other therapies like Neurolink from New Zealand and Osteopathy a lot, both great but physically demanding, so I try to get back to focus more on TCM again. Will read today all your articles, didn`
    t find time so far. All best and greetings from Germany!Stefan


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