“A lot can be said about me and Chinese psychology. Some is true, but most not! The psychology that derive from Chinese medicine are THE GEMSTONE of Chinese medicine. What I have done is to make the knowledge more accessible for you through more than 20 years of intensive research. I call this knowledge for Chinese psychology. I am not Chinese and I will never be, but I love and breath for this way of thinking and analyzing people. Give it a chance and you will love it to!”

Nils Volden


Chinese Psychology is the Psychology that live within Chinese Medicine. The written material of this branch of Psychology are very limited. It exist some books that write about selected topics, some books that have a chapter dedicated to this topic and some classical chinese textbooks  that describe aspects of this topic. In short, THE BOOK does not exist pr today.

niNils Volden have gathered information about the psychology that exist within Chinese medicine since 1993. He have done this through reading all the literature that exist on the topic, through working at mental hospitals in China, studying Chinese medicine for years in China, Traveling the World having conversations with central persons within Chinese medicine, philosophy, culture and religion, having deep conversations and interviews with old chinese practitioners of Chinese medicine, Chinese psychologists, philosophers, professors at different Chinese Universities, Taoist monks, Buddhist monks and Tibetan Lamas. He has also lived in the Shaolin Temple for periods. The sum of his discoveries might be called the psychology within Chinese medicine, TCM psychology or like Nils Volden call it himself “CHINESE PSYCHOLOGY”.



Chinese Psychology is NOT an invention by Volden, but the RESULT of his collection of information from Chinese medicine and philosophy. In the (sometimes) total lack of literature and references you might say that Chinese Psychology comes from Volden since he is the person presenting the information, but nothing could be further from the truth.



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