“The psychology that derives from Chinese medicine is a true gemstone within the field. I have dedicated over 30 years of intensive research to make this knowledge more accessible to everyone, and I call it Chinese psychology. While some things said about me may be true, most are not. I am not Chinese, but I have a deep passion for this unique way of thinking and analyzing people. I encourage you to give it a chance, and I am confident that you will come to appreciate and love it as much as I do.

Nils Volden

Chinese psychology is a branch of psychology that exists within Chinese medicine, with limited written materials available on the topic. While some books touch on the subject and some classical Chinese textbooks describes aspects of it, a comprehensive book on Chinese psychology does not exist today.

Over the past 20 years, Nils Volden has extensively researched Chinese psychology by reading all available literature, working at mental hospitals in China, studying Chinese medicine in China, and speaking with experts in Chinese medicine, philosophy, culture, and religion worldwide. He has interviewed old Chinese practitioners of Chinese medicine, Chinese psychologists, philosophers, professors at various Chinese universities, Taoist monks, Buddhist monks, and Tibetan Lamas. Volden has named the sum of his discoveries “Chinese psychology,” which includes a comprehensive understanding of the psychology within Chinese medicine or TCM psychology.

Chinese Psychology is a field that has its roots in Chinese medicine and philosophy, and it is not an invention by Nils Volden. Volden’s contribution lies in his collection of information about this field through his extensive research, including reading all the literature on the topic, working at mental hospitals in China, studying Chinese medicine in China, and conducting interviews with experts in Chinese medicine, philosophy, culture, and religion. Despite the lack of literature and references, it is important to acknowledge that Chinese Psychology is a product of the knowledge that has been passed down through generations and is a field that continues to evolve.


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