The Golden three




“Let us say you have to study only one of the three topics presented under. 
Which one appeal to your heart.”

Nils Volden

Select between Western psychology, Traditional Chinese Medicine psychology and Chinese psychology.



Western Psychology is an applied and academic discipline that studies the human mind and behavior. In focuses on scientific facts as long it is possible; a lot of theories still lack solid research. The goal are to understand how we think, act and feel. Having said that most psychologists use their days diagnosing mental problems and treating mental diseases like depression and anxiety through different types talk therapy. The scientific focus are to find the common mean in the population; called the “normal”. What is not normal are supposed to be treated as long as normal are desirable.



Traditional Chinese Medicine better known as TCM were “invented” by Chairman Mao after the cultural revolution in China. China lacked medicine and desperately needed a way to help the population. Mao ordered a group of 100 chinese medical practitioners to gather the most important theories to create what he later declared to be “Traditional Chinese Medicine”; the folk medicine of the Peoples Republic of China. The most common theories in this collection are the consept of Qi, Yin/ yang, Five elements, Zang fu, Six energy levels, meridians and seven emotions. The psychology within TCM are basically based on seven emotions and some Yin/ yang.



 Chinese psychology are a collection of theories from Chinese medicine and – philosophy that explain how the mind works. Chinese psychology includes everything from Traditional Chinese Medicine, but also includes the ancient aspects from the Chinese medicine. We are speaking about Seven emotions and Yin/ yang from TCM, but also the Psychic qi, Personalities (Roun, Chen, I, Pro, and Teche), Mental aspects connected (Hun, Shen, Yi, Po and Zhi), the eight -, nine – and ten psychological defense mechanisms (classical Fang wei), Yang sheng (the best treatment), Attention (Zhuyi: Sou fang and Yi ding), Divergent meridians with its three organic parts, Xing wei (social behavior), Chong tu (conflict management) and much more. Chinese psychology are everything from TCM PLUS much more psychology; all in Chinese medical language.

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