Lyme disease: Tick-borne disease

  “This is an article about Lyme disease. The article focuses on explaining the main theories that you have to consider in this disease when analyzing it through the eyes of an acupuncturist or Chinese herbalists. Remember the article are to stimulate growth. Note that the references will be published on the seminar ragarding the … More Lyme disease: Tick-borne disease

Battlefield acupuncture

Does battlefield acupuncture exist? Soldiers are supposed to get the best medical attention possible under any given circumstances, and should get it. Tactical medicine includes the best and most efficient medicine given in a pressured tactical environment. The question is: “Do acupuncture have a place in treating soldiers, and if so, where in the medical … More Battlefield acupuncture

Holism and Spirituality in Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine cares for the complete person, and don’t focus only on treating the actual illness or disease. This indicates that the focus in Chinese medicine is holistic; taking many other aspects than the actual disease in consideration. The reductionist approach of the allopathic medicine is never used by a real practitioner of Chinese medicine. … More Holism and Spirituality in Chinese medicine

The user manual for Men; unclosing the mystery

First Posted on July 23, 2015 REPOSTED due to demand. Enjoy!     “This is the first of four articles about men. It was difficult to write, but here it is. The article focuses on the man and his main preoccupations in life. As you already know men are extremely sexually focused; this article explain why. The angle … More The user manual for Men; unclosing the mystery

Sun Tzu

Quote: “War, to a state, is a matter of life and death, survival or ruin.”   Explanation: War is a matter of vital importance to the state, and life and death for the army. So, the issue needs to be studied carefully. If a country live in peace and forget to think about dangers in … More Sun Tzu

5 Countries in 2 Weeks

Volden has the last period been traveling a lot. He visited five countries in two weeks. For appointment of lectures please contact Who said that lecturing is not a nice job.   This days Nils Volden is working on an article about Alzheimer.  

When will you die?

Originally posted on Nils-Erik Volden:
Based on numbers from Norway (2009-2013) researchers have found that different works will give different life span. Most important are education level; the more education the more years you will live. Just to have it written, the less years in school the fewer years you will live.  This numbers are…