When will you die?

Interesting about the average age in different jobs.

Nils-Erik Volden

Based on numbers from Norway (2009-2013) researchers have found that different works will give different life span. Most important are education level; the more education the more years you will live. Just to have it written, the less years in school the fewer years you will live.  This numbers are stable and consistent. It is a tendency the recent years that the persons with low education die before and the person with higher education die later. For example men with only elementary school live 6 years shorter than men with a university Carrere. Among women we find the difference to be 4.5 years.

Nobody knows WHY these differences in predicted life exist. It exist many theories. The four most dominating theories are the more you use your brain the longer you live and the better health in your upbringing the longer you live. The third theory is related to the…

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